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10 reasons to eat nuts every day

Reasons to eat nuts

10 reasons to eat nuts every day

The beneficial effects of nuts have been known since ancient times, and they are even used in ancient medicine in some parts of the world for the treatment of disease. Nuts contain a large amount of nutrients, their consumption is extremely beneficial for the body. 

Athletes and people leading a healthy lifestyle are well aware of the benefits of nuts, because it is  a valuable source of minerals and vitamins. Walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios, almonds, cashews are just a storehouse of useful elements necessary for every organism.

In this article, we'll cover the most compelling reasons why you should eat nuts every day to maintain your health.

  1. Unique balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Nuts are 3 times richer than fruits in terms of mineral content. The main ones are potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron. Most nuts are rich in vitamin E, which some believe may help to prevent cancer. Also, this vitamin is believed to strengthen the muscular system and heart.


The most valuable is the walnut. For example, it contains 50 times more vitamin C than lemon. Also, nuts are rich in B vitamins, which are believed to improve the functioning of the digestive system, that are so necessary for energy metabolism in the body, healthy skin, hair and teeth, and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Especially useful in this regard is ONE NUT, which is absorbed better than roasted or raw nuts, and contains more vitamins, minerals, protein and unsaturated fatty acids that are found in seeds and nuts. These are mainly:

    • B vitamins,
    • vitamins E and A,
    • zinc,
    • chromium,
    • selenium,
    • calcium, 

This is only a small part of what all seeds and nuts are useful for.

Recent studies show the beneficial effects of walnuts for the heart and cardiovascular system. Due to the content of unsaturated fat, about 60%, as well as potassium and magnesium, nuts may be recommended for people suffering from various heart diseases or hypertension. 

Studies have shown that they reduce the level of "bad" blood cholesterol and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. Thus, people who consume about 30 grams of nuts two or three times a week may have a much lower risk of heart disease. So nuts are believed to support arterial flexibility, heart health, and prevent apoplexy.

  1. Retain external beauty.

Scientists have confirmed the beneficial effects of nuts on appearance. Thanks to folic acid and antioxidants contained in nuts, you will keep your beauty and youth for a long time. Also, by consuming a small handful of nuts daily, you will get rid of insomnia, which has a beneficial effect on your appearance.


We also recommend trying sesame ONE NUT, which produces a rejuvenating effect and supplies the body with calcium, strengthens the immune system and improves metabolism. It also contains a large amount of magnesium, potassium, iron and phosphorus.


  1. Nuts can be consumed during diets.

Despite their high calorie content, many nutritionists advise not to give up this valuable nut butter. When consumed in moderation, nuts will only benefit your body. They contain healthy omega-3, which are the most correct fats the body needs.


Those wishing to lose weight should pay special attention to cashews. This is one of the lowest calorie types of nuts. In addition, cashewsmay  boost immunity and slow down the aging process.

If you are worried about removing toxins, getting rid of cholesterol plaques, rejuvenating and strengthening the body, you need to introduce sesame ONE NUT into your diet. Since this paste contains a huge amount of calcium, phosphorus and potassium, it is recommended for people who have such problems with teeth as hypersensitivity and caries. 

You need to take sesame ONE NUT, like any other similar paste, in small portions, spreading it on bread or cookies, preferably early in the morning to recharge your energy batteries for the whole day. 

  1. Nuts relieve stress.

A handful of nuts can significantly improve your mood and give you strength. After all, nuts are a source of energy and joy. For example, pistachios have a tonic effect that is extremely necessary for chronic fatigue, depression and stress. And a few walnuts are able to relieve even strong nervous tension.


  1. Nuts as a source of protein for vegetarians.

Nuts are very popular among the adherents of the vegetarian culture, and they will saturate your body for a long time. However, experts recommend consuming no more than 100 g of nuts per day, because they represent a heavy product.


  1. Nuts stimulate the brain.

The record holder of a positive effect on mental activity is also the walnut. Even its shape resembles a human brain. Walnut contains the highest amount of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which improve brain activity. In Ancient Babylon, it was even forbidden for ordinary people to eat walnuts so that they would not be smarter than the rulers.


  1. Nuts as a source of vitamins all year round.

Nuts have a fairly long fairly shelf life. The vitamins they contain also remain intact, that is very valuable especially in winter, when there is a shortage of vegetables and fruits. The main thing is to keep the nuts in the refrigerator, because the fat they contain may be deteriorated at room temperature.


For enrichment with vitamins, we recommend choosing apricot kernel ONE NUT. It replenishes the deficiency in the body of iodine, calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin B17. It is also rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, B9, protein, helps with throat ailments, nephritis, constipation. It is believed, it is able to prevent the development of oncological neoplasms, strengthen the heart, and even remove parasites from the body.

  1. Nuts are helpful in the prevention of many diseases.

For example, walnuts strengthen the heart, brain and liver. Almonds improve eyesight, remove impurities from internal organs and improve asthma. Hazelnut removes cholesterol plaques, cleanses blood vessels. It can even be consumed by people with diabetes.


Walnut ONE NUT copes well with various diseases, which contains a full complex of fatty acids, which has a positive effect on the brain, heart, blood vessels. When using nut butters, you can cope with the manifestations of hypertension, migraine, diabetes, cleanse the body of toxins and cure anemia. Well suited for athletes looking to build muscle.


  1. The use of nuts in cosmetology.

Oils and extracts of various nuts are highly valued by cosmetologists around the world. Almond oil is considered to be excellent UV protection. It also moisturizes and nourishes the skin, which is especially important for older women. Cedar nut oil will fill your hair with strength and shine, while walnut oil is suitable for people with sensitive skin prone to irritation. In addition, nuts are actively used in various scrubs and face masks.


  1. Nuts in cooking.

ONE NUT will perfectly diversify your meals. Butters are added to salads, meat dishes and desserts.


Natural ONE NUT is a storehouse of nutrients, vitamins, protein and antioxidants. It should be introduced into the diet of people engaged in heavy physical work, mental stress and during the recovery period of the body after serious illness or surgery. 

In its pure form, pasta is most often mixed with honey and consumed as a dessert or as a nutritious breakfast. ONE NUT can be served with ripe fruit, toasts, berries and whole grain breads. This nut butter will perfectly harmonize as an impregnation (cream) for cakes or topping for buns, cheesecakes or pancakes. ONE NUT is also very tasty with curd mixtures, chocolate and natural cheeses.




Eating nuts and ONE NUT butters, you will strengthen your body, retaining youth and energy for a long time. However, it should be borne in mind that their beneficial properties appear only with moderate use.

Good luck!


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