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10 tips for starting your day happy

Don't underestimate the power of the morning. For many effective people it is the main part of the day. Exactly what mood you wake up in depends on how things will go in the next hours, and how you will establish contact with others.


If you had a nightmare, or you got off on the wrong foot, and maybe someone ruined your dream with an early call, you risk not having the most fun day. Everything that affects your mood in the first hours after awakening and also affects your future perception.


That is why morning calmness and harmony are so important, and can fill you with strength and energy for the whole day. Our special list includes 10 actionable tips. Savoring at least a few of them every day, the chance that your days will be filled with joy, energy and inspiration will increase significantly.


Well, are you ready to change your life, starting right next morning? Here are these simple, everyday recipes to help you beat laziness, blues, and self-doubt.


  1. The correct awakening mode is half of the success.

However, in order to get up earlier, you must also go to bed earlier. Getting up early is important. Very important. Everyone is talking about this, and we will remind you of this again. This is the first thing to learn about how to start the morning right. Start it as early as possible. Ideally 5-6 a.m.. Even on weekends, this way you will only be healthier, more vigorous, more productive and happier.


Do not assume that you will succeed right away from the first few days. You may experience a lack of sleep and a lack of energy in the beginning. However, as practice shows, the habit of early awakening is formed within a few weeks. Once this habit is formed, the body itself will ask you to wake up with the dawn. See for yourself!


  1. Tune in to the positive, not only after waking up but also before going to bed. Remember that the power of thought is a powerful tool that helps to influence events in the future!


In this respect, it is important to refuse all electronic devices and TV views an hour before bedtime. They load our brains with unnecessary information, while visual content affects the retina of the eye. Consciousness should be calm and relaxed, and nothing should burden your thoughts. Only calmness, only ease of sleep is all you need.


Until you fall asleep, repeat several times the affirmation: “I am going to have a good night’s sleep, and I am going to wake up full of energy and happiness, refreshed and renewed.” Practice shows that it really works. The secret lies in the power of our subconscious.


Be positive thinking in a positive way also in the morning, repeating the following affirmation several times: “Today, I am having a most happy, wonderful and productive day.”


  1. Immediately after waking up, before drinking a cup of coffee or eating breakfast, drink one glass of clean water that should become your obligatory morning ritual. You can also add in water a lemon wedge.


The procedure prepares the gastrointestinal tract for work, turns on the metabolism and helps the brain, which is dehydrated after a night, to start working faster.


This habit is not recommended for people with hypertension, a tendency to severe edema and urolithiasis. But for the majority, drinking a glass of water every day is absolutely harmless and has only a positive effect. Of course, if you follow a few simple rules:


    • Drink a glass of water within 10 minutes after waking up.
    • The water should be still, clean, to have room temperature, but not boiled. Filtered, bottled, spring and melt water will do.
    • After drinking a glass of water, you need to have breakfast, but not earlier than after 45 minutes.


  1. Exercise in the morning to get your body in shape. The human body is the most perfect mechanism, and each of us must keep this mechanism in the best possible condition. Morning sports can delay the onset of old age and disease, which, sometimes, occurs much earlier than we think possible.


Among the classic approaches, gymnastics and morning jogging are distinguished. However, many people love stretching and yoga. In the latter case, physical activity on the muscles can be combined with morning meditation, which will allow you to properly adjust yourself in the following hours.


  1. Practicing a contrast shower in the morning is a great addition to your rite of waking up and toning your body.


A contrast shower is not only vigor, energy and protection from colds, it is the benefit and training of the whole organism. Muscles, tendons, blood vessels, capillaries, every cell in our body cells are trained, and the metabolism begins to occur much faster, which means that excess weight does not linger for a long time.


With regular use of a contrast shower, the body burns calories, and the skin and muscles, if they were flabby, again become elastic; cellulite also disappears. After a contrast shower, you need to rub very energetically, so as not only to dry the skin, but to increase blood circulation, since the last douche should always be cold - this is a prerequisite for the procedure.


  1. The most important meal of the day is breakfast. As we said, it should be taken not earlier than 45 minutes after awakening. It is believed that the correct breakfast should consist of fruits or berries. An increasing number of nutritionists are inclined to believe that fresh fruits and berries are the right way to start your morning..


Also a good solution would be oatmeal, or muesli. These foods contain a variety of vitamins and fiber. As a useful food and flavoring additive, you can use ONE NUT with one of your preferred flavors. The main thing in this mode is not to skip your morning meal, but also not to shove everything in yourself.


  1. Morning planning is an extremely important part of a productive day. You might say that you are already too busy in the morning to waste time planning. However, you run the risk of doing much less in a day than you intended. Spend at least 5 minutes planning the day ahead the night before. It will then help you organize your thoughts and save time on unnecessary tasks.


We have limited willpower. With every decision we make, it weakens. If you don’t plan things the night before, you’ll just waste your willpower on setting priorities. Before going to bed, write down a to-do list for tomorrow, and then you will be less tired and save yourself on more important and meaningful work.


  1. After you've made a list of tasks for the day, pick the hardest one and complete it first. Psychologists consider this method to be the most effective in dealing with stress. As soon as you tackle a difficult task that would otherwise be postponed for a long time, your mood will immediately improve.


The most difficult task in the first place in planning psychology is called "eat the frog". This is a very useful practice. First, you will be surprised at how easy it is after the preliminary procedures to complete this difficult task. Second, after completing the most difficult task, handle the rest in a simple, fast, and carefree manner. And there will still be time for yourself.


  1. Be positive and make it your second nature. When we do something pleasant for our family and friends, we ourselves begin to feel more joyful and happy. Hang a note on the fridge with a wish for a good day, prepare a delicious breakfast for your household. When accompanying your family to work or school, be sure to wish them a good day and success.


Also try to surround yourself with positive energy on the way to work. It is quite simple to develop the habit of smiling at others, giving up a seat on public transport, and in general, avoiding any conflicts. Socrates is credited with the following dictum: "Victory over your negative thinking is the greatest victory." Follow this golden rule.


  1. Have fun reading your favorite books and listening to your favorite music.


Reading is generally useful, especially in the morning. Try not to flip through the feeds of social networks, but rather try reading your favorite books or useful information. Reading in the morning will tune your brain to work properly. Also, this process allows you to relax, not think about stressful situations, aiming at an adequate perception of the incoming information.


Your favorite music, played in the morning, allows you to find the harmony frequency, which will help you to act effectively during the day. Life is a rhythm, and a favorite song sometimes keeps it going very well.


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