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What is ONE NUT

Nut Butter

ONE NUT is a unique eco-friendly line of nut butters that represents a source of strength, health and longevity, known to man for centuries. Using it in your daily diet, you can boost your immunity, improve your health and even clear your mind. But what's the secret?

A simple recipe for health and happiness

ONE NUT is a product that has existed for several centuries and the preparation technology of which has not changed throughout this time. On the other hand, it is a superfood that is fashionable among young people today. The raw material is ground on stone millstones until oil is released. A conscientious manufacturer does not add anything to speed up grinding or save valuable products.

ONE NUT has the natural taste, color and texture of the nuts or seeds it is made from. Usually nothing additional is added, it is one-piece. The exception is some seeds that have a low oil content or a heavy taste. Sugar is present only in chocolate-nut recipes, which is made especially for lovers of this kind of delicacies.

Melting, enveloping consistency, tart sweetish taste, delicate, unobtrusive aroma - all this is ONE NUT.

ONE NUT is a unique eco-friendly nut butters are suitable for everyone who:

  • strive to lead a healthy and active lifestyle;
  • practices sports;
  • needs to restore his/her immunity and vitality;
  • if you care about how you look and if you want to look much better, having healthy skin;
  • you are looking for natural sources of micro- and macro-elements;
  • for gourmets or lovers of taste experiments;
  • for those who are fasting;
  • vegetarians / vegans;
  • perfect for raw foodists who prefer products without heat treatment;
  • just a great choice for those who are looking for something else to pamper themselves,

If you correspond at least one of the above points, then ONE NUT is what you should really add to your daily diet.

Treat, Nutrient and Medicine

The benefits of ONE NUT are really hard to overestimate:

  • does not undergo heat treatment and retains all the benefits of nuts and seeds;
  • contains vegetable proteins, useful fatty acids, vitamins and minerals and has a high nutritional value;
  • does not contain sugar (except in some cases), preservatives, colors, flavors and other artificial additives;
  • it is obtained by crushing nuts or seeds with stone millstones, and the oil released during this soaks the mashed mass;
  • it has taste characteristics and useful properties of the original components.

Product history

If you have ever been to the Caucasus or visited eastern countries, then surely such a product as ONE NUT (called here Urbech) does not cause you bewilderment. Various product options are often provided in local markets. This is a very interesting, tasty delicacy, which is also considered very useful. So what is ONE NUT? This is a traditional version of the Dagestan delicacy, which is prepared from seeds or nuts. Fruit kernels, flax seeds, nuts are ground with stone millstones until smooth. This is how a viscous, oily and aromatic paste called "urbech" is obtained.

Dagestan is considered the birthplace of this product, and the 18th century is the time of its invention. With it the warriors set off on multi-day campaigns; shepherds made difficult transitions to high-mountain pastures. A small amount of the product was enough to provide satiety and gain a sense of strength.

Of course, you can make ONE NUT pasta at home, but it should be understood that this is a rather complicated and time-consuming process. Modern kitchen appliances do not provide the same consistency. A real ONE NUT must "come out" from under the stone millstones. Other options are acceptable, but they are slightly inferior to the classic variants.

Translated from the Avar "urba" - ground flax seeds. However, Urbech is prepared not only from flaxseeds. To get this product you can use:

  • pistachios;
  • sesame;
  • caraway;
  • pumpkin seeds;
  • sunflower seeds;
  • poppy;
  • chia;
  • cocoa beans;
  • cashew;
  • coconut pulp;
  • kernels of apricot kernels;
  • hazelnut;
  • walnut;
  • hemp seeds;
  • peanut;

It should be noted that ONE NUT nut butters are prepared without heat treatment, without adding chemical components and flavor enhancers. Artificial colors are also not added. The color of the product depends entirely on the main ingredient. Often the paste is colored by dark chocolate, dull gray, or milky beige.

This is a completely natural product. Natural maple syrup, flower honey can be added to add sweetness. Sometimes are added spices, garlic, cheese as a zest. However, this should already be attributed to marketing ideas that allow saturating the market with unusual product options. Such additives are natural, and therefore they do not reduce the health of high-quality products, but only violate the strictness of the classic recipe.


ONE NUT is a whole storehouse of vitamins, micro and macro nutrients and plant fiber.

It includes:

  • calcium;
  • magnesium;
  • sodium;
  • potassium;
  • phosphorus;
  • iron;
  • copper;
  • zinc;
  • manganese;
  • selenium;
  • fluorine;
  • cobalt;
  • iodine;
  • vitamins B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9; B17;
  • vitamin C;
  • vitamin E;
  • vitamin PP;
  • carotene;
  • biotin;
  • amino acids;

Rates vary depending on the original primary and secondary products. But basically, the nutritional value has similar indicators. This is due to the fact that ONE NUT is always prepared from products of the same group.


Impressive, right? But that is not all

ONE NUT is an environmentally friendly product with the life-giving energy of the sun. It's no secret that the energy of natural products has a beneficial effect on our thoughts and emotions.

If such foods become part of your diet, then worries and anxiety will be replaced by thoughts filled with optimism and self-confidence; and nervousness and irritability give way to calmness and composure.

What's the use?

It depends on which seeds or nuts it is made from. Each type of ONE NUT has its own specific properties. Generally speaking, ONE NUT has a beneficial effect on:

  • cardiovascular system;
  • strengthens the heart muscle and blood vessels;
  • lowers blood cholesterol;
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • treats anemia;
  • digestive tract;
  • eliminates constipation;
  • promotes the excretion of bile;
  • cleans from toxins and toxins;
  • has an antiparasitic effect;
  • immunity;
  • compensates the lack of vitamins and minerals;
  • quickly restores strengthness;
  • increases the protective properties of the body;
  • nervous system;
  • relieves anxiety;
  • increases stress resistance;
  • genitourinary system;
  • helps with urolithiasis,
  • improves men's health,
  • normalizes women hormonal levels;
  • appearance;
  • increases muscle mass;
  • strengthens tooth enamel;
  • improves skin elasticity;
  • improves the condition of hair and nails;
  • gives a rejuvenating effect;

We ourselves make the choice in favor of certain products on our table. Choosing environmentally friendly, natural products, we show love for ourselves, for loved ones, we become responsible for everything that happens in our life.

Do not eat it at once

The benefits and harms of a product such as ONE NUT directly depend on how it is taken in everyday life.

First, you need to know when to stop. After all, food made from seeds and nuts contains fats that affect the liver and digestive system.

Second, neglecting the measure will not be beneficial for any product. However, it should be noted that the specific buttery taste of ONE NUT does not contribute to overeating. A rare person wants to eat the whole jar at once.

So, having figured out what ONE NUT is, having decided on the benefits of using this product, we will try to describe the methods of its use.

How to take ONE NUT

ONE NUT can and should be eaten with a spoon just like that! However, it is important to observe the measure. Do not eat more than 1–3 teaspoons at one time. Two or three spoons are more than enough. For better digestibility, ONE NUT can be washed down with warm water, herbal tea and milk. It is best to consume high-calorie ONE NUT in the morning. This will help you recharge your batteries, prevent bad effects on the figure, and have a positive effect on digestion.


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