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Why eating ONE NUT is better than eating nuts

ONE NUT coconut cashew nut butter

ONE NUT is a paste, and in its composition are used nuts and seeds. Seeds and nuts that are not chewed are not fully absorbed by the body’s digestive system. It takes a lot of patience and you need to have strong jaws to bring food to the right state. Therefore, it is better to eat nuts and seeds already crushed on stone millstones. This way you can be sure to get 100% of the benefits from all types of nuts and seeds.

Full Absorption

Getting into our stomach as a paste, ONE NUT is completely absorbed, unlike whole seeds and nuts.

You will be able to eat much more chopped nuts and seeds in the form of ONE NUT than in unmilled form. It is much more pleasant to eat nut butters than whole nuts.

When nuts are roasted, their shelf life increases, the taste becomes sweeter and richer and up to 10% of useful oils are lost. At the same time, heat treatment at temperatures above 75 degrees Celsius reduces the benefits of nuts and makes them even more difficult to assimilate. Nuts in sugar or colored glaze, according to their benefits, can be safely equated with fast food. Some doctors even recommend eating only raw nuts for people with an increased risk of coronary heart disease or cancer.

Power of Taste 

Milled seeds and nuts reveal their taste in a milled form much more readily than in a raw form. They often taste bitter when raw. Mix real stone-ground nut butter ONE NUT with honey and the taste will open up much brighter. There are much more flavor combinations, and there is no added sugar.

Have you tried ONE NUT as a salad dressing? Try it, and you will definitely receive a compliment from your guests at the table.

More Helpful Recipes

ONE NUT can be eaten neat, but can also be used as an additive to various dishes. Here we offer you more several options for its culinary use:

◆ If you mix ONE NUT with honey in a 1:1 ratio, you get a very tasty, sweet and viscous pasta. And if you add cocoa or carob to the mixture of ONE NUT and honey, you get a good chocolate paste, almost like "nutella", only more healthy!
◆ Add pasta to vegetable and fruit salads as a dressing!
◆ Add smoothies and banana ice cream for more creaminess.
◆ If you mix 2-3 tablespoons of ONE NUT with a glass of water - you get some kind of milky juice. The more nut butter you add, the thicker and richer this milk will be.
◆ Can be used in baked goods.


This is just a small part of the advantages of ONE NUT.

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