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We started Purithea to create natural products after we realized that among all the products on the market, we could not find any truly healthy alternatives to some of the comfort foods we all crave. ONE NUT, Purithea’s line of high-quality organic nut butters, is made using Old World techniques (such as grinding the raw materials on millstones) and are palate-pleasing additions to any healthy lifestyle. Welcome to Purithea!

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I love to cook as much as I love to eat...

Cooking, to me, means family, big tables and warm hugs. During my childhood I fondly remember my grandma teaching me how to cook. I would gaze over the stove carefully, learning every step of her brilliant recipes. When I became older I started finding newer healthy recipes, however I struggled to find alternative nut butters for breakfast, desserts or pastries.

ONE NUT crush: Coconut Cashew

ONE NUT Coconut Cashew is my un-guilty guilty pleasure. My grandma always told me that our food should be not only delicious, but also healthy. That is why I like to start my day with a vegan smoothie where I add a couple spoons of ONE NUT. It is not only very flavorful, but it also provides my body such micro element as calcium, iron and zinc. 


I find inspiration when I travel.

I have been fortunate enough to visit over forty countries around the world and to explore different cultures. The food aspect was always important to me, so I took special notice of how people around the world think of food. Even though the places I have visited have different cultures, all of them have something is common: a desire to be healthy. Food culture is a universal language that allow us to nourish our body.

ONE NUT crush: Pistachio

ONE NUT Pistachio is a rich source of energy and vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. In addition, a combination of micro- and macro- elements help achieve stress relief. I love having a couple spoons of natural pistachio nut butter with my morning tea. I think it is a perfect companion to the intensive rhythm of the modern life.

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Eat. Namaste. Love.

Since my late teens I have been very health conscious about what food I consume. I have found that the right diet is paramount to maintain my creative flow. My self well-being journey led me to learning and practicing yoga. It helps to create harmony between my mind and body. My ambition has been to build brands that shares purpose with health conscious products. With Purithea and through our ONE NUT line I believe I have begun this journey.

ONE NUT crush: Coconut Apricot Seed

ONE NUT Coconut Apricot Seed is my absolutely favorite. It not only helps improve digestion and metabolism but also is filled with nutrients. A little secret for my ladies out there, apricot seeds have some anti aging properties. Having a spoon of ONE NUT before my yoga session keeps me energized and focused in my practice.

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