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Coconut & Cashew Nut Butter Purithea
Nut Butter - Coconut & Cashew - One Nut - Purithea
Nut Butter - Coconut & Cashew - One Nut - Purithea

Coconut & Cashew

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Our Coconut & Cashew nut butter is consistently sweet all the way through, with a creamy texture that can be transformed in the fridge into a harder texture for a change. It’s pretty easy to fall in love with this nut butter. And that’s alright, because find out below just how much this butter can love you back.

  • Good source of lauric acid.
  • Perfect for Paleo diets.
  • High content of Vitamin E.

How to use:

  • With a spoon, right out of the jar;
  • On toast, bread, crepes, oatmeal, and ice cream;
  • A smoothie booster, adding healthy fats and flavor;
  • As a base for delicious salad dressings and sauces;
  • Smoothie;
  • Baking;


B5, B6, B1, B2, B1, B4, B9, E, PP, C, K, E

Macro elements:

potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium

Micro elements:

iron, zinc, manganese, copper, selenium


50% raw coconut, 50% cashew


Store in a cool, dry, dark area. If stored at room temperature, the natural nuts' oil may separate - stir it up before trying! Nut butter can be refrigerated or frozen to extend freshness. 

Shelf life:

9 months

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